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The Inspired Stage


With 2020 bringing technology and the way we communicate to the forefront more than ever before in history, we knew that if we were inspired to learn more in a unique online format, then so are many others. 


So, The Inspired Stage is born out of our dedication

to bring you together with both live and online experiences different 

to what you've experienced elsewhere that will INSPIRE you with INNOVATIVE

ideas that will change your personal and business life.

And we're pretty excited!


Tara Lehman

Get Eventive, Owner &

Co-Founder of The Inspired Stage

Tara is Certified Virtual Event Coordinator, event consultant, coach and two-time Amazon Best-Seller based out of St. John's, NL.  Passionate about helping others embrace virtual events, she has been in the industry for 10+ years, worked locally and Internationally, and believes that events should create community and connection.  




Kathie Hicks,

Spirit of Newfoundland, Co-Owner & Co-Founder of The Inspired Stage

Originally from the city of Corner Brook, Kathie is extremely passionate about her province, the people and our culture. Kathie being an incredible chef, entrepreneur, and entertainment Producer, she created Spirit of Newfoundland Productions with her business partner Peter Halley in 1997.  Kathie has propelled Spirit of Newfoundland’s growth leading them to be the winner of the city’s “Legend Award”.




Don-E Coady

DC , Director & Co-Founder of The Inspired Stage

Thought leader on bringing your digital marketing and strategies to a higher level, all kinds of things like web design, content marketing, social media campaigns and more, what Don-E really does – all day, every day – is make you look good. 



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